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Being pregnant is one of the most exciting, but stressful times you will ever go through. While there will be many emotions you will experience in the time leading up to the big day, you will also have to focus on making room or the new baby. Not only to you need to get the room ready and buy baby supplies, you will also need to stay focused on eating healthy, not overexerting yourself, and creating a happy home for your baby.
While you are pregnant, you will go through many hormonal and emotional changes. You will carry your baby for nine months, so you will also need to limit your stress levels which can be done through eating healthy and exercising when you can. Even though your physical activity can be limited, studies have shown that women who exercise while they are pregnant have easier births and will be able to lose the extra weight faster than those who do not. If you are under a doctor’s orders not to perform even the simplest pregnancy exercises, then you should not. But if you can, exercise will help you control your stress and add balance to your life.

After the baby arrives, you will have to make choices concerning sleeping positions, breastfeeding, and getting to know your baby. This can take time,but most new mothers create a routine by following their baby’s sleeping and eating habits. You will feel overwhelmed at first, but over time you will begin to learn more about your baby and what they need from you. For in those first few months (even first few years of life), your baby will be helpless and will depend on you. Im my site , you will learn ways to get pregnant, what it will be like during three trimesters, what you should eat, ways you can exercise, and how to breastfeed or use formula once your baby arrives. Being prepared is more than painting the room and buying new furniture. Knowing what will take place over the next few months will help you cope with stress and will allow you to make good nutrition choices when it comes to feeding you and your baby. is non profit site committed to promoting reproductive and pregnancy wellness through education, research, advocacy, and community awareness. is your online pregnancy info website guide for women trying to become pregnant, pregnant women, expecting parents, and new moms to help guide you through a healthy pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood! offers information on all aspects of getting pregnant, and pregnancy that will allow you to make informed decisions about your prenatal care and learn great tips for a healthy pregnancy!  Topics include pregnancy symptoms, preterm labor signs, prenatal care, pregnancy complications, your pregnancy week by week, nutrition, labor signs, natural childbirth, breastfeeding & attachment parenting, new baby care, postpartum care, and more! also offers a pregnancy due date calculator, birth stories, breastfeeding stories, pregnancy calendar screensaver, pregnant woman stories, free baby coupons, baby shower planner, free baby websites, pregnancy announcement ecards, and more!